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Retail Bertie MK2

Individual Bertie MK2 will be available in retail, there will also be some special exclusive colorways out there, EMGY ,Red, Panda, Dragon etc.. so keep an eye out !

Cant wait till december for WWRp Bertie

Well come to the 3A Venture art show and grab a Hatchery Guard Bertie !


The WWRp Bertie MK2 Adventure 7 pack and Dirty Deeds are onsale tomorrow now at Bambaland . The Dirty Deeds set is limited and comes signed by Ashley Wood and Threezero.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NOM Commander HK show edition

Dont Forget

Every 7 pack and single Bertie MK2 comes with a WWRp Square2. Its the only way to get the WWRp Square2, he will not be sold separately !

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dutchy , Medic, Dirty, Desert, Marine and Deep...

Disclaimer, the colors really suck on blogger, and the net in general, so take these images with a grain of salt, much better in the metal !

Bertie MK2

Each Bertie comes with a corresponding WWRp Square in the single and 7 packs .

Friday, October 16, 2009


The HK Venture looms closer, the invites are out, riding high in a LM container!

Some more Bertie MK2

6 pack WWRp Brambles

Thursday, October 15, 2009

WWRp Bertie MK2

Next week shall see the release of the WWRp Bertie MK2 if all goes well ! Bambaland will only be offering 2 sets, a 7 and 12 pack.

Retailers worldwide will be offering single boxed figures. More info and final images soon.

Attached to this post are some prototype shots from over the months, none are final and are missing bits and pieces and colorways and decals are not final, but fun never the less !

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Has started to ship !

Sunday, October 4, 2009

3A stuff report #1

The first of the 3A reports !

Next week see's the sale of the first toys from Colan Ho and Mak !

The second WWRp wave featuring Bertie MK2 and Square2 goes onsale mid october.

We will soon be announcing a VERY COOL new toy line, keep ya eyes on the blog !

The Coarse/3A collab is rocking along, 1/6th to vinyl, we have it covered !!

Just over a month the Hong Kong Venture art show, hopefully it will be the first of many !